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ANDREWS: Linda Cowden; Billy and James
Morgan - Morgan Herefords

ANGELINA: Jim G. Bell; Pete Johnson –
Sunny Hill Ranch

ARCHER: Arch Andrews, D.V.M.; J.S.
Bridwell Ranches

AUSTIN: Tom and Reya McQuillin; Ronald B.

BANDERA: Brian L. Weiner

BASTROP: Harry and Cheryl Grett - G3
Herefords; Wendee Whitehead - Double
Diamond Ranch

BEE: Charles L. and Sammie Smith – Smith
Fairview Farms; John Winsauer – Winsauer

BELL: John L. Gasaway – Lavaca Ranch;
John C. Gunter; Curtis Younts & Son

BLANCO: Ron and Gabriel Smith

BORDEN: Bill and Delores Jenkins; Amanda
and Aubree Blissard – 44 Cattle Co. Mini

BOSQUE: Double Springs Partnership, Ltd.;
W.K. Gordon Ranch; Chris and Felicia
Hargrove; Kenneth and Carolyn Larson;
Jane S. Murphey; W4 Ranch - Joe and Joey

BRAZOS: Warren W. and Dorcas J. Hohertz;
Art and Debbie Lightsey - A&D Herefords;
Charles L. Rotello

BREWSTER: 101 Ranch; Chris Lacy Family
- Kokernot 06 Ranch, Inc.; Sul Ross State

BRISCOE: Amy Thornberry; Sandy

BROWN: B.G. Edgar; Bill McInnis - McInnis
Cattle Co.

BURLESON: William Brymer - Brymer
Ranch; Double L Cattle – Tim Lockhart;
W. Paris Gibbs Jr.; Herrmann Cattle
Co.; Joseph J. Skrivanek III – Skrivanek

BURNET: Mark and Stephanie Ebeling - Hi
View Ranch; Robert and Jeff Mezger

CALDWELL: Ira and Diane Lee - Lee Hereford
Ranch; William E. Perriraz – B-four Ranch

CALLAHAN: Richard C. and Sheila J. Day –
Day Herefords; Mike Denny; Mrs. Richard

CARSON: Justin Paul Dauer - Dauer
Herefords; Don W. Vance

CASS: Larry Collins - Collins Cattle Co.

CHEROKEE: Chad and Tobie Pond;
Whitehead Herefords

CLAY: J.S. Bridwell Ranches; Ryan and
Donna Bullinger – Bullinger Herefords;
Glenn Chitwood Jr. – Chitwood Herefords;
Gray Wynn Klein Ranch; Cindy Leaverton;
Wilson Scaling and Company

COCHRAN: Beggs Cattle Co.

COKE: Dan Knox – Poverty Canyon Ranch

COLEMAN: Jim and Ann Guess; James and
Rick Tisdale – TT Hereford Ranch

COLLIN: Ray Feagin; Larry C. and Janell
Foreman; Gary Woody – Woody Polled

COLORADO: Travis and Kenneth Wegenhoft
– Wegenhoft Ranch, LLC

COMANCHE: Dudley Bros.; Roy and Ann
Shackelford; Frank Whitley

COOKE: Dangelmayr Bros.; Marvin P. Knight,
M.D. and Betty Taylor; Jerry and Paula

CORYELL: Paul and Sheila Funk - Spearhead
Ranch; McMullin Ranch; Thomas and
Karen Smith

CROCKETT: Clay W. Richardson

CROSBY: J.S. Bridwell Ranches; J.D. Ragland

CULBERSON: Mary Joe Reynolds

DALLAM: Mike and LaReshia Bragg; Buzz
Summerour Ranch; Summerour Hereford

DEAF SMITH: J.S. Bridwell Ranches

DENTON: Travis Mason - 5M Farm’s

DE WITT: Edward W. Roeder

DICKINS: Beggs Cattle Co.; Pitchfork Cattle
Operations, LLC; J.D. Ragland

DONLEY: Mark and Briss; Hadley and Colby
Mann - Mann Cattle Co.

EL PASO: Jim Darnell; Jeep Darnell

ELLIS: Kevin and Jamie Baker; Gary and
Kathy Buchholz - GKB Cattle; Paul Day
- KLD Herefords; Merrill and Christy
Huckabee; Bobby L. and Jared Lide - Triple
L Ranch

ERATH: Ryan Grubbs - Grubbs Cattle Co.;
Kenneth and Betty Lesley; Steve Lesley;
Sam and Kila Massey - Massey Herefords;
Flying S Herefords – James Strode and Jim
Strode; Jerry K. and Carrie Weldon II

FANNIN: Joni Brewer; Kevin and Bridget Self;
Larry T. and Mary Woodson – Still River

FAYETTE: Bryan Berger; D.D. Walker;
Maynard and Sandi Warnken; John M.
Yarling Jr.

FISHER: Coby and Sandra Moore – C&S
Moore Farms; Brad Stuart – B-Bar Herefords

FRANKLIN: Rob Pruitt, D.V.M.; Mike, Susan,
Steven and Sara Rader – Rader Herefords

FREESTONE: Kevin and Jamie Baker; Bobby
L. and Jared Lide - Triple L Ranch

FRIO: Louie and Helen Carroll

GAINES: Miles and Mary Eckert; John Goen

GARZA: Beggs Cattle Co.

GILLESPIE: A.C. Kast; L.B.J. National Park
Service; Roy and Len Weinheimer

GOLIAD: P.A. and Milledean Albrecht; Tracie
Fielding – Cow Creek Ranch

GONZALES: Erick Schmidt; Dwight Sexton

GRAY: W.E. Gething

GRAYSON: Henry Bing, D.V.M.; Tom G. and
Betty Foster - Foster/Meeks Herefords; Pete
Hudgins; Terrell Bros. Registered Herefords;
W-D Hereford Farm; Ben F. and Monette

GRIMES: Marshall Ashorn – Flying A Ranch;

GUADALUPE: Danny and Sara Williams

HALE: Jim Bob and David Carver; Larry R.
Karrh, M.D.

HALL: Fuston Herefords

HAMILTON: Jon R. Averhoff, Mgr. - Texas
Stardance Cattle, LLC; Harris Farms; R.
Keith and Cindy Rogers

HARDEMAN: Steve Cheek – Cheek “Fly’n C”

HARRIS: Franklin L. Cox

HARTLEY: Dale and Mary Barber, Justin
Barber, Brett Barber; Jason Barber, Terri
Barber; J.S. Bridwell Ranches; Angela and
Scanlon Daniels - Circle H Headquarters;
Sneed-Pool Cattle Co., Inc.

HASKELL: Steve McGuire; Swenson Land &
Cattle Co.; Cole and Susan Turner

HAYS: Tommy Gilbraith and Audrey
Wystrach; R.L. Struhall Jr.

HEMPHILL: Brainard Cattle Co. LLC; Stephen
and Berklee Clements; Lee and Jacqui

HENDERSON: Dimitri Mataragas - Iron Lake

HILL: Kevin and Jamie Baker; Gary
Humphreys Land and Cattle; E.C., Kim,
Elizabeth, Jacqueline and Eric Rosson; Gary
and Patricia Schneider – Schneider Hereford
Ranch; J. Mac Weil and Jon Weil - Weil
Cattle Co.

HOOD: Clint Baker; Randall and Sherry
Barnes – Bar Oak Ranch; Charles and
Gretchen Halfmann - Hilltop Herefords

HOPKINS: Neal Stewart and Scott Stewart -
Stewart Polled Herefords

HOUSTON: Perry Corder – LC Ranch

HOWARD: Bill and Delores Jenkins; Amanda
and Aubree Blissard – 44 Cattle Co. Mini

HUNT: Doyle Hereford Ranch; Neal Stewart
and Scott Stewart - Stewart Polled Herefords

HUTCHINSON: Brainard Cattle Co. LLC;
Stephen and Berklee Clements; David
Harbour; Charlotte and Steve Williams -
WW Ranch

IRION: Dry Creek Herefords; Dennis Webb -
Rocker b Ranch

JACK: Bob and Sarah Hamman; David and
Pam Lindsey - Lindsey Hereford Ranch

JASPER: Walter R. Glenn - Running N

JEFF DAVIS: Wayne and Ellen Baize; Chris
Lacy Family – Kokernot 06 Ranch, Inc.;
Scott McIvor; Robert McKnight; Mary Joe
Reynolds Montgomery
JIM WELLS: David Cole - Cole Polled

JOHNSON: Jimmy, Claudia and Precious
Atlas; Cottonwood Hereford Ranch – Jane
Meadows; Gary Humphreys Land and
Cattle; James L. Kinnear; Dr. John D. and
Dorothy Mehaffey

JONES: Dr. John Bill and Belinda Oman; Pied
Piper Farms; Swenson Land & Cattle Co.;
D.D. Walker

KARNES: Wesley S. Theuret

KAUFMAN: Dr. Carl K. McKenney

KENDALL: Zachary Biermann; Catto-Gage
Ranch; Larry R. Karrh, M.D.

KENT: Beggs Cattle Co.

KING: Beggs Cattle Co.; Pitchfork Cattle
Operations, LLC; Glenn Springer

KNOX: Pitchfork Cattle Operations, LLC

LAMAR: J.H. Blankinship

LAMB: Si and Sarah Beerwinkle; Steve and
LaNell Whitaker – Whitaker Farms – Flying
5 Herefords

LAMPASAS: Roland and Wanda Lang

LAVACA: Michael and Mary Pavliska; Roswell
F. Vaughan III

LEE: Darlene M. Schatte; Larry Schatte;
Monroe Schatte Jr.

LEON: Hank and Mary Thomas

LIMESTONE: Kevin and Jamie Baker; Doug
and Jeanne Shirey Lord, Circle L - Little p

LIPSCOMB: Lynn Born; Brainard Cattle Co.
LLC; Stephen and Berklee Clements

LIVE OAK: Charles L. and Sammie Smith –
Smith Fairview Farms; Sharon Steinmeyer
- CTS Ranch

LLANO: Granite Hills Hereford Ranch

LUBBOCK: Lynn Forrest; Mark and Briss
Mann, Hadley Mann and Colby Mann -
Mann Cattle Co.; J.E., Brady, Rhett and
Ryan Mimms – Mimms Herefords

LYNN: Cass Edwards Family – T –Bar Ranch

McLENNAN: Vance Dunnam; Steve and
Candace Harrison - Spring Creek Ranch,
Ltd.; Stephen and Lynn Sumner

McMULLEN: M.A. Tyler Ranch

MADISON: Kevin and Jessica Hartley – H2
Ranch and Cattle Co.; M&M Ranch - Byron
and Linda Motley

MARTIN: Linda Cowden; Morgan Cox; Ted C.
Johnson; George W. “Tee” Knox

MARION: Michael and Lisa Barry

MASON: James K. and Mona L. Schmidt;
James, Shannon and Jarrett Worrell -
Worrell Enterprises, LLC

MEDINA: J.D. and Larry Schmidt

MENARD: Whitehead Hereford Ranch

MIDLAND: Kay B. Bird - Bird Ranch; Linda
Cowden; Button Estes Ranches, Ltd.

MILAM: Noack Herefords


MONTAGUE: Davis and Elaine Atkins –
Rocking E; Dangelmayr Bros; Bill Meador;
Luella Pirtle and Floyd E. Pirtle, M.D.

MONTGOMERY: David T. and Debbie Moore

MOORE: Sneed-Pool Cattle Co., Inc.

MOTLEY: Matador Cattle Co.

NACOGDOCHES: Gary Tinsley – Texas 2T
Farm; Terry Tolbert – Tolbert Cattle Co.

NAVARRO: Elbert, Bobbett and Brett Butler;
Kevin and Cheryl Castelli - R- Place Ranch;
Brent and Wendy Steele - Steele Herefords

OLDHAM: J.S. Bridwell Ranches; Scharbauer
Ranch LLC

PALO PINTO: Jack and Lyn Chastain; Lee,
Candace, Jackson and Griffin Chastain; 101
Diamond S Cattle Co.; Mike Thomas

PARKER: Beggs Cattle Co.; Beverly M. Baetge
- D Bar B Cattle Co.; 101 Diamond S Cattle
Co.; Justin Thomas; Mike Thomas

PARMER: Mac Langford

PECOS: Milton Puckett

PRESIDIO: Brite Ranch – Jim White III;
Hester Anne White

RAINS: Mike and Dianne Willis – Willis
Polled Herefords

REAGAN: Steven Wayne Coates

ROBERTS: B&C Cattle Co. – Bill and Chad
Breeding; Brainard Cattle Co. LLC; Stephen
and Berklee Clements; Bradley Hale

ROCKWALL: Paul Davis; Jackie Pullen –
Pullen Herefords

SAN PATRICIO: John Winsauer – Winsauer

SAN SABA: Mopsy and Ward Locklear

SHACKELFORD: Dr. and Mrs. John Bill

SCHLEICHER: Pete Case; Victoria Powell
Johnson; JP Family Limited Partnership-
James L. Powell, Manager; L.C. Whitehead
– Rocking Chair Ranch

SMITH: William and Rosemary Cable; James

SOMERVELL: W.K. Gordon Ranch

STARR: W.B. Osborn III

STEPHENS: Robert Joe and Dena, Tye,
Shelby and Addalyn Jackson; Tom and Lisa
Echols – Muleshoe Ranch; Dr. John Bill and
Belinda Oman; Chaunce Thompson

STERLING: Danny and LeRuth Stewart; Reed
and Ronda Stewart

STONEWALL: Beggs Cattle Co.; Glenn
Springer; Swenson Land & Cattle Co.

SUTTON: George Wallace

TARRANT: Dan Nance; Robert E. Davis

TAYLOR: Linda Cowden; Colt and Larry
Johnson - Rafter J Cattle Co.; Lone Star
Hereford Ranch - A.L. Dusty Rhodes, owner

TERRY: Rusty, Katie Jo and Ryder Day

THROCKMORTON: Swenson Land & Cattle

TITUS: Faustine and Clint Chitsey; Aaron
Gann; Bobby L. and Jared Lide - Triple L
Ranch; Kurtis Mathias

TOM GREEN: Mark and Teresa McClintock –
McClintock Herefords
UPSHUR: Dr. Andy and Sandra Glaze; Scott
and Alise Nolan – Nolan Herefords

UVALDE: David Howard

VAN ZANDT: Cory, Brooke, Grady and Brynlee
Goswick - Circle G Cattle; Rockin 4H Ranch
- Dale and Donna Hester; Tommy Malone;
Don and Ann Metch; Barbara Metch Holan
– Metch Polled Herefords

VICTORIA: Roger and Leanne Hempel;
Charles Moscatelli

WALKER: Sam Dominey - Whispering Pines

WARD: James and Dena Floyd; Sam Massey

WASHINGTON: Hoppens Herefords; Clinton
and Diane Kettler

WEBB: Ann H. Neel – Neel Family Registered
Polled Herefords

WHEELER: Joe Dan Ledbetter

WILBARGER: Steve Cheek – Cheek “Fly’n C”

WILSON: Kelly Jacobs and L.J. Le Tourneau;
Joshua Martin – Covered M Cattle Co.

WILLIAMSON: Billy and James Morgan –
Morgan Herefords

WINKLER: James and Dena Floyd; Clyde
Henson; Sam Massey; John B. Walton

WISE: Pegues Family – Calmleas; Herbert and
Susan Williams - Williams Family Herefords

WOOD: Rob Pruitt, D.V.M.

YOUNG: R. Schlegel & Sons; Mark Steele



ALABAMA: Glynn Debter and Perry Debter, Debter Hereford Farm, LLC – Marshall Co.

ILLINOIS: P.T. “Pete” Loehr – Shelby Co.; Lorenzen Farms Partnership, Lorenzen
Farms - Edgar Co.; Robert, James and Malcolm Milligan – Ogle Co.; Fred and
Elaine Nessler, Elizabeth Nessler, Prairie Rose Cattle Co. – Sangamon Co.; Doug
Perks - Ogle & Winnebago Cos.; Prairie Meadow Herefords - Sangamon Co.

KANSAS: Cindy Brown, Jason and Lori Brown, JC Cattle Co. - Geary Co.; Jo Ellard
– Greenwood Co.

MISSISSIPPI: Jo Ellard – Montgomery Co.

NEBRASKA: Jason and Kaycee Hoffman, Hoffman Ranch - Thomas Co.; Mike Nolles,
Nolles Cattle Co. - Rock Co.

NEW MEXICO: Copeland & Sons LLC – Union Co.; Jim Darnell, Bar J Bar Hereford Ranch
- Doña Ana Co.; Phil Harvey Jr. and Jim Bob Burnett, B&H Herefords - Chaves Co.;
Pearce Trust Hereford Ranch, Fred Pearce Trustee – Lea Co.; Kyle and Tonya Perez,
Perez Cattle Co. - Quay Co.; Michael Perez, Perez Cattle Co. – Quay Co.; Randy White –
Bernalillo Co.

OKLAHOMA: Bowling Ranch, Nancy Bowling Trustee – Kay Co.; Jirl Buck, Buck Cattle
Co. - Marshall Co.; Curry Herefords - Okfuskee Co.; Dangelmayr Bros. - Jefferson
Co.; Jim Darnell, Bar J Bar Hereford Ranch - Woods Co.; Richard C. and Sheila J.
Day – Murray Co.; Don Dennis Ranches– Jefferson Co.; Bill Dufur, Dufur Herefords
– Bryan Co.; Susan Gebhart, Matt and Erica Boyer, Roxane Gebhart - Beacon Hill Ranch
- Mayes, Co.; Will and Tina Grote, Grote Ranch – Bryan Co.; Leslie and Jan Harrison,
Harrison Cattle Co. – Custer Co.; Kevin and Jessica Hartley, H2 Ranch and Cattle
Co. - Payne Co.; Brian Healey and Family– Murray Co.; Randy Howard – Jefferson Co.;
Langford Herefords – Okmulgee Co.; Paul Laubach, P&R Herefords, LLC – Dewey Co.;
Jud Little, Jud Little Ranch – Carter Co.; Messner Herefords – Beaver Co.; Pitchfork
Cattle Operations, LLC - Jefferson Co.; S-W Herefords, Neal and Patti Spencer - Bryan
Co.; Vanderwork Herefords, Richie Oakes and Scotty Vanderwork, owners - Dewey
Co.; Sheldon Wilson, West Star Ranch - Cimarron and Union Cos.


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