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W4 Ranch Spring Bull & Female Sale
March 4, 2017
Morgan, TX
Auctioneer: Col. Doak Lambert

41 2-yr. old Hereford bulls  $3,905
20 Yearlings   Avg.     $3,063
104 Hereford females          $2,307
8 F1 pairs       Avg.     $2,975
62 F1 bred heifers    Avg.     $2,201

Perez Cattle Co. Bull Sale
Tucumcari, NM
Feb. 23, 2017
Auctioneer: Dustin Layton

53.75 Hereford bulls            $283,200        Avg.     $5,269
13 Angus        $65,750          Avg.     $5,058

High selling bull sold ½ interest for $15,000.

Hoffman Ranch Bull Sale
Thedford, NE
Feb. 17, 2017
Auctioneer: Rick Machado

99 bulls          $855,250        Avg.     $8,639

Top selling bull sold for $60,000.

Upstream Ranch
Taylor, NE
Feb. 4, 2017
Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

319 bulls        $1,367,230     Avg.     $4,286
30 Females    $144,750        Avg.     $4,825

Top selling bull sold for $18,000 and top selling female sold for $6,000.

South Texas Hereford Association
Spring Sale
Beeville, TX
February 4, 2017
Auctioneer: Leo Casas III

188 total lots $400,725
50 bulls          $174,000        Avg.     $3,480
20 bred Hereford     $29,750          Avg.     $1,488
42 open Hereford     $51,775          Avg.     $1,233
7 bred Brahman        $17,800          Avg.     $2,543
25 open Brahman     $59,650          Avg.     $2,386
2 F1 Pairs       $6,000            Avg.     $3,000
5 bred F1       $8,800            Avg.     $1,760
37 open F1    $52,950          Avg.     $1,431

THA 48th Annual Whiteface Replacement Sale
Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show
Fort Worth, TX
Jan. 28-29, 2017
Judges: Bill Cawley, Crockett, TX; Guy Colyer, Bruneau, ID; Cory Peters, Mansfield, LA
Auctioneer: Leo Casas

63 Open Hereford     $84,825          Avg.     $1,346
143 Bred Hereford   $309,200        Avg.     $2,162
32 Pair            $59,650          Avg.     $1,864           
238 total Hereford heifers   $453,675        Avg.     $1,906

32 Open Black Whiteface     $36,600          Avg.     $1,144
22 Pair Black Whiteface       $44,400          Avg.     $2,018

            B&C Cattle Co. of Miami, TX exhibited the champion pen of 10 Hereford females at the 48th Annual Whiteface Replacement Hereford Heifer show and Sale. A.P. Breitshopf & Sons, Inc. of Gonzales, TX purchased this outstanding pen for $1,975 each. The reserve champion Hereford pen of 10 was shown by Summerour Ranch of Dalhart, TX and was purchased by Allan Ricketson of Dalhart, TX for $2,400 each.
            H Ranch of Channing, TX had the champion pen of 10 English baldies and sold to Brandon Cattle Co. of Newkirk, OK for $2,100 each. Rosson Ranches of Hillsboro, TX consigned the reserve champion pen of 10 English baldies and sold to Keith Graves of Bowie, TX for $1,000 each.
            THA Heritage Pen of 11 sold for $975 per head and was purchased by Clay Nohavitza of El Campo, TX.

Cowtown Invitational Sale
Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show
Fort Worth, TX
January 29, 2017
Auctioneer: Dustin Layton

13.25 Bulls     $77,050          Avg.     $5,815
16 Females    $173,100        Avg.     $10,819
3 Embryos     $2,850            Avg.     $950
1 Preg. Recip. $4,800
5 Units semen            $2,200            Avg. $440
Total Gross    $260,000

Lot 1 Texas Hereford Youth Foundation donation heifer – BR Jan Rielle 5534 ET; 9/13/15; from Barber Ranch, Channing, ½ interest to GKB Cattle, Waxahachie; JWB Cattle SM LLC, Victoria            $75,000
Lot 2 – EXR Miss Emma 6204 ET; 7/4/16; from Express Ranches, Yukon, OK to GKB Cattle $18,000
Lot 3 – PRCC Miss Breezeway 680D; 6/3/16; from Prairie Rose Cattle Co., Waxahachie to Todd May, Sherman, IL   $10,000

Churchill Cattle Co. World Class Bull Sale
January 24, 2017
Manhattan, MT
Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

117 bulls        $777,231        Avg.     $6,643

Top selling bull sold for $61,000.


THA Annual Meeting
January 27, 2018 

Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show
Hereford Weekend
January 27-29, 2018 

49th Annual Premium Whiteface Replacement Female Sale
January 28, 2018 

Cowtown Invitational Sale
January 28, 2018

National Hereford Show
January 29, 2018 

Scholarship applications revised

The American Hereford Women and the National Organization of Poll-ettes have combined five individual scholarship applications into one condensed application form. The John Wayne Memorial, Golden Bull Achievement, Future Cattleman, Ed Bible and Poll-Ette Founders Scholarships are now all in one application.

The deadline to submit the new scholarship application is January 15, 2010. This deadline applies to all awards and scholarships listed. All scholarships will be awarded at the Junior National Hereford Expo in July.

Also, for younger junior members don’t forget about the Prospect Awards too!

Download Combined Scholarship Application
Download Prospect Award Application

ATTENTION JUNIORS: $4,500 for Top Jr. in 2017 Fort Worth National Show
Funds have been committed to award $4,500 to the top placing junior heifer and $2,500 to second place junior heifer that is exhibited at the National Hereford Show in Fort Worth. In addition a third and fourth scholarship of $1,500 each will be awarded. Exhibitor must be at the halter of his/her own heifer as well as be eligible to show in the junior show the previous week. To be eligible for the junior show, the ownership must be in only the exhibitors’ name, no siblings or partners. See rule 12 on page 191 of the Fort Worth Stock Show premium book. The heifer must be eligible to show for Grand Champion (no Cow/Calf). This is an incentive to encourage junior exhibitors to exhibit at the open show on January 30, 2017. To be eligible for the award, the exhibitor must enter the open show by the November 15th deadline. The exhibitor must be a member of the Texas Junior Hereford Association.

The sponsors of this award are committed to making this an annual event and hope to grow the fund to increase the prize as well as create a special belt buckle for the event. Anyone wishing to join this effort should contact Jack Chastain at the THA office.


            The Texas Hereford Association Foundation Inc. provides an annual scholarship of $1,000.00 to be awarded at the annual membership meeting of the Texas Hereford Association held in Fort Worth during the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show. The winner (or winners) will be selected by a qualified committee on the basis of scholastic achievement, Hereford activities, other activities and financial need.


  1. Applicant must be a member of the Texas Junior Hereford Association.
  2. Applicant must be either a senior in a Texas High School or currently enrolled in college.
  3. Applicant must be single, never married and no children.
  4. Applications must be postmarked by given date to arrive at the Texas Hereford Association office, 4609 Airport Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76117
  5. Applicant can receive only one scholarship from the THA Foundation.


  1. Please type or write in black ink.
  2. General Information:
    A. List your full name, address, telephone number, age and date of birth.
    B. List name and address of parents or guardian, their relation to you, their occupation and other children in your family.
  3. Activities
    A. Texas Junior Hereford Association
    1. List your participation in any TJHA activities (I.E. speech contest, quiz and showmanship, conferences, field days, Expos, offices held, etc.)
    2. Briefly list what you feel are your top ten accomplishments in your show career.

B. 4-H activities and leadership positions
C. FFA activities and leadership positions.
D. Other school activities.
E. Community and church activities.
F. If already in college, list activities.

  1. Financial Need
    1. List percent of college tuition and expense responsible for by applicant.
    2. List percent of college tuition expense responsible for by applicant’s parent.
    3. List other avenues for financing college expenses.
  2. Indicate College plans (where you plan to attend and what you plan to study)
Please submit the following:
A. One 5x7 black and white glossy photograph.
B. High school transcript and/or copy of college grades.
C. Short essay of 500 words or less on “What a college education means to me.”

Junior AI Program Discontinued

The Junior AI Program has been discontinued, but those offspring born from program semen will still be eligible to show at the 2014 and 2015 Junior National Hereford Expos.


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